Friday, March 26, 2010

There were 7 of them

... out of 11 that were borned in Feb & Mar and in an almost weekly sequence. So how can we commemorate this event?

Feb & Mar babies

Initially, we suggested to just do the usual dinner-at-a-restaurant. Subsequently, I started toying with the idea of having a mini space to ourselves with the kids running freely and not tied to the high chair.

So finally, we decided to have BBQ! And with everyone's food & drinks contribution, everything was well planned. Even weather was good! It was pouring the entire day but the rain stopped once it was time for us to set up the pit. Perfect!

Kids @ play, Men @ work. Where are the ladies?

Jayden had a great time with the kids, sand playing, eating lots of marshmellows and hotdogs. I enjoyed being hands-free most of the time other than binging on the yummy BBQ food. Thanks to everyone for making this possible.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

I have a date

I cannot remember the last time we went out as a couple. Yes, just two of us without the third party. It used to be a weekly ritual but we realized that weekends are short and precious and hence preferred to spend it as a family.

And so to 'celebrate' the happy things that are going around us lately - Dylan getting a new job, me getting my bonus, I decided to plan something (because Mr Boring husband will not plan anything) to pamper ourselves for I think we truely deserved it.

The day started off with preparations in the morning. We were to whiz Jayden to my in-laws place as it's going to be a full day activity. Everything had to be planned seamlessly as no time should be wasted.

1115am - Dropped the Son at in-laws place (running late for 1130 appointment!)

1130am - Dashed to Cathay cineplex to get tickets for 2pm movie

1145am - Called Equinox and said will be late by 15 mins

1200pm - Brunch at Equinox


Dylan and I were recalling the number of times we have been to Equinox - 3. And all 3 times were treated by me (smelly smelly stingy hubby! :p) First time, I was heavily pregnant with Jayden, 2nd time we brought Jayden along and told ourselves we'll never bring him again to buffets. And the 3rd time, we finally had some time to savour the good food.

There were heaps of fresh oysters, scallops, live prawns, crayfish, sashimi and my all time favourite saliva dripping FOIE GRAS.

Yummy food - munch munch munch!!!


After a 2-hour calorie stuffing activity, we realized it was time to adjourn to our movie. I have always been a follower for English movies and will never watch a Mandarin show unless it has cinematic effects worth watching. The husband being a fan for military warfare, I compromised to watch "The Confucius" which proofed to be flat boring.

It was SO BORING, I told the man that we should have just caught a cold comedy instead and have a good laugh. Nonetheless, some quality time spent with each other is good too.


And the finale of the day, would be to rest our tired body and have a good long-awaited knead at the spa. Alas, good times are always short-lived. And it was time to go back to pick the young man, who had been calling us all day and nagging over the phone to come home. -_-
Ahhhh....such a relaxing day to get lazy and fat together. We should do it more often.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Late nights are best spent... ...

... vege-ing in front of the telly with a good series of Hong Kong drama!

Not being a fan of olden dynasty dramas, I have left the CDs to dust for about a week. Cel would eagerly ask each time "So HAVE YOU WATCHED IT?", to which I would reply in embarrasment - Not yet.

So finally on Tuesday, I decided to watch it - Beyond the Realm of Conscience (宫心计).

And what a blardy good show it was! *hands and feet up*

From the cast to the script to the intricate details of the costumes and jewellery, and the HAIR. It must have weighed a tonne to don that much stuff on your head!

I simply heart Susanna Kwan and Michelle Yim! They are the best bickering pair-up! I guess I got so used to watching both of them always at loggerheads that it would have been weird to see them being friendly with each other this time.

As what the title depicts, the show comprises of alot of conspiracy plots, back-stabbing within the royal palace. Besides, who doesn't like to see two pretty concubines or royal maid fighting with each other?

Go watch it if you are a TV buff. I know I'm pretty back-dated but it's still good stuff!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

What did you do at school today?

Jayden brought this home from school. The teachers even provided a photo of him putting the beans into the bottle.

It is so heartwarming to witness your son developing into an independant boy. :)

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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

If it can't get worse

... ... It will only get better!

I used to have this notion that Fate is in your hands. But as one starts to accept the fact that Life is never fair, I'm also believing that you need to be damn blardy lucky too.

And so, Life has been pretty well for us thus far. But who is to complain when it gets even better?

Dylan finally decided to leave his current job after 5 years (I have job hopped 2 times since!). He's rather excited to join the new company together with a bigger pay package! :D

Of course, with greater power comes greater responsibilities. I am hoping it doesn't mean sacrificing his weekends at work.

One step closer to our future dream home! :)

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Friday, March 12, 2010

I need to get that gadget!

March has got to be my highest spending month!

From beauty spree to holiday trips, I have now succumb to venturing into IT fairs and come out with loots that I'm not sure if I will fully ever use.

On top of that, I have also purchased my very VERY early 30th birthday gift - no thanks to the attractive additional discount that fateful day. I was pacing up and down outside the shopping outlet for hours before I decided to step foot and burst my credit card limit. (more on that later)

Yep. I had over-spent.

Ahhh... but such hedonistic purchases are self-gratifying. Besides, I have a friend who shared her 'wisdom' with me - "Life is short. Money is meant to be spent". I hate her guts. But more often, I admire her for always taking the plunge and living life without regrets. ;)

And indeed, shopping is therapeutic - regardless of what I buy. Of course, I try to not to open my letter box too soon. Seeing the bills sent promptly is a killjoy.

Bought a 500GB HDD to store the heaps of photos and videos of Jayden. Yes. It's only meant to store his stuff and it is THAT MANY. I was about to sieve myself out of the jam when I heard a luring voice over the loudspeaker - "Cheap Sale! Netbook for sale! Only 5 sets!"

That froze me on the spot.

I pushed the idea of buying a netbook a gazillion times for the fact that I hardly use the com at home. But having to fight with Dylan on who gets the mouse sometimes peeves me. Coincidently, the color was the same as the HDD.


It makes both me and Dylan happy. After all, Money is meant to be spent right? *winks at knowing friend*

We're going away...


The Son loved the beach so much that we decided to bring him further this time. This time, to Club Med Bali. We liked the idea of not having to worry about what to bring for the fussy eater as meals & drinks are provided.
On top of it, Jayden's maternal grandparents are coming along as well! Something I have been looking forward to do as a big family.

Looking forward to getting sun burnt. NOT.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010


Is a word I seldom use ever since we had a kid that wakes up earlier than your alarm clock.

But Cel & family has inspired me to do that more often. Of course, having brunch with good company is certainly more encouraging.

Cel suggested having brunch at this quaint place near Phoenix Park - Spruce over the weekend. Having our kids waking up at different hours always makes it tough to arrange a good timing. But nonetheless, Cel and I always make efforts to make every meetup possible. Anyway, we only need to pack the diaper bag and demand our slave driver to get us there pronto! We have since ditched the nightmare idea of single-handedly driving our kids around in the car.

The place was great, food was delectable. Loved the german sausages and banana pancakes!

And who can miss placing the two boys together.

Of course, we really didn't starve the boys. They had alot of pancakes and sausages. Whatever one eats, the other must follow as well. Monkey see, monkey do.

I couldn't help digging out the past photos of the boys sitting side-by-side. Jayden seemed more sociable back then - or rather prefer to irritate Ziv.

The Beauty Regime

... ... is a very expensive routine to maintain. However, one shall never compromise on the quality of the products as the end result would evidently show on your face.


The above is merely an excuse to redeem myself from the mad buying spree I had last week at the Robinsons sale. I was happily swipping the credit card without a hoot. In a mere half and hour, I am a 400 bucks poorer. If the credit card could function like the EZlink, I'm pretty sure I would have broken the record.

My loyal 'friend' for the past 10 years - SKII

MAC cosmectics for daily use

Clinique facial wash in jumbo size (limited edition)

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

The Sequel

It was supposed to be a bag. The word "Out of Stock" does not exist in my shopping list. And hence, I have got to get something from Europe! And thanks to Rach, my dreams are fulfilled.

Finally, a long wallet to fit all the cards and bills. It also doubles up as an evening clutch! Yums!

Birthday surprise for the hub

Having enjoyed ourselves at the Amara Sentosa a year ago, I decided to spring a staycation surprise for Dylan on his birthday at Rasa Sentosa. The idea was to stay over at a resort that was near the beach and to spend some family bonding time getting toasted under the scorching sun.

For obvious reasons, chalets at the beach doesn't sound like a pampered getaway for the old man. And to plan a surprise, pack the luggage, sneak the luggage to the car and to get the unknowing birthday man to the destination seemed almost mission impossible!

Still, Jayden and I managed to pull the stunt. I have been telling Jayden we will be going to Sentosa over the past week until the boy thinks it was his birthday rather than his dad!

The happy man, at least in my opinion, got himself aD24 durian mousse cake (although he would have just preferred a 猫山王 topped with a candle), a Burberry Black Label messanger bag that I have pre-ordered from Japan eons ago and of course the best company of us! :p Excuse the mushy words.

On to photos...

And so we did some touristy thing around Sentosa as well - sitting the monorail, patronizing the Resort World and hovering around the entrance of the casino watching hordes of people rushing to have a hand at the table. Dinner was at the self-acclaimed Silver Shell Cafe which turned out tad disappointing with the array of food spread.

Overall, the husband and son enjoyed themselves. So that's MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

The "WHY" zone

Nope. Our boy has not entered the "Why" zone. In fact, he has made his parents fall into his conniving trap.

Instead of our toddler quizzing us on things, we were the ones asking the "Why" in almost every conversation.

Some examples... ...

Jayden: I'm not happy.
Worried Mummy: Why are you not happy?
Jayden: Because...

And the boy just stops at "Because" as he can't explain why he's not happy.

Jayden: *takes off his pants & diapers and scoots off*
Mummy: Why did you take them off?!

Jayden: Mummy, I want to wear the truck shirt (in a hot weather)
Mummy: Why do you want to wear them? It's so HOT!
Jayden: *thinks for a while* Try first ok?

Jayden: Don't like Ms Wong (his teacher in school)
Mummy: Why do you dislike Ms Wong?
Jayden: Because...Ms Wong scold me. -_-

I am almost to believe that the "Why" zone was unknowingly created by the parents.


In other news, Jayden has started to become more conversant. His list of vocab expands in leaps and bounds each week. It has also become a fun experience each time I speak on the phone with the boy. On the other hand, we are also to be mindful of our words as well. We realized the cheeky boy tends to eavesdrop on our conversations.

Dylan and I have practically barred certain words. But to surpress angry words can be extremely tough at times. Just the other day, I bought a new DVD for Jayden and the sales assistant at Kiddy Palace brilliantly forgot to put into the bag. We didn't realized it until we got home. I went "ARRGGGHH!!" Jayden went "Shit! Stupid Auntie!"