Friday, March 12, 2010

I need to get that gadget!

March has got to be my highest spending month!

From beauty spree to holiday trips, I have now succumb to venturing into IT fairs and come out with loots that I'm not sure if I will fully ever use.

On top of that, I have also purchased my very VERY early 30th birthday gift - no thanks to the attractive additional discount that fateful day. I was pacing up and down outside the shopping outlet for hours before I decided to step foot and burst my credit card limit. (more on that later)

Yep. I had over-spent.

Ahhh... but such hedonistic purchases are self-gratifying. Besides, I have a friend who shared her 'wisdom' with me - "Life is short. Money is meant to be spent". I hate her guts. But more often, I admire her for always taking the plunge and living life without regrets. ;)

And indeed, shopping is therapeutic - regardless of what I buy. Of course, I try to not to open my letter box too soon. Seeing the bills sent promptly is a killjoy.

Bought a 500GB HDD to store the heaps of photos and videos of Jayden. Yes. It's only meant to store his stuff and it is THAT MANY. I was about to sieve myself out of the jam when I heard a luring voice over the loudspeaker - "Cheap Sale! Netbook for sale! Only 5 sets!"

That froze me on the spot.

I pushed the idea of buying a netbook a gazillion times for the fact that I hardly use the com at home. But having to fight with Dylan on who gets the mouse sometimes peeves me. Coincidently, the color was the same as the HDD.


It makes both me and Dylan happy. After all, Money is meant to be spent right? *winks at knowing friend*


Cel said...

Yeah that was what my mum told me. "Money is meant for spending and if you keep it in your bank, money is just numbers."

joyousmama said...

wow! good buy leh! Netbook at $500 nia. cheap.
Btw, how much u bought for the 500GB HDD? i also need to get one.

Emily said...


to be accurate, the netbook was only $479. The 500 GB HDD was $129. heeeee

hiPPo said...

yoz babe, i cn only say "great buys"! Haha.. Well done gal. congrats 2 ur hb too on his new job. All e best!

Emily said...

thanks cherie!

I can't stop buying hor? *itchy hands*

how are you? feeling better? ayden guai guai don't torture your mom ok! :P

hiPPo said...

emily, let him bully all he wants.. i can't wait to bully him for YEARS to come! LOL! =P

and i love ur itchy hands so dun scratch dat itch! i m very happy when others shop! hohoohohoho...