Tuesday, March 23, 2010

I have a date

I cannot remember the last time we went out as a couple. Yes, just two of us without the third party. It used to be a weekly ritual but we realized that weekends are short and precious and hence preferred to spend it as a family.

And so to 'celebrate' the happy things that are going around us lately - Dylan getting a new job, me getting my bonus, I decided to plan something (because Mr Boring husband will not plan anything) to pamper ourselves for I think we truely deserved it.

The day started off with preparations in the morning. We were to whiz Jayden to my in-laws place as it's going to be a full day activity. Everything had to be planned seamlessly as no time should be wasted.

1115am - Dropped the Son at in-laws place (running late for 1130 appointment!)

1130am - Dashed to Cathay cineplex to get tickets for 2pm movie

1145am - Called Equinox and said will be late by 15 mins

1200pm - Brunch at Equinox


Dylan and I were recalling the number of times we have been to Equinox - 3. And all 3 times were treated by me (smelly smelly stingy hubby! :p) First time, I was heavily pregnant with Jayden, 2nd time we brought Jayden along and told ourselves we'll never bring him again to buffets. And the 3rd time, we finally had some time to savour the good food.

There were heaps of fresh oysters, scallops, live prawns, crayfish, sashimi and my all time favourite saliva dripping FOIE GRAS.

Yummy food - munch munch munch!!!


After a 2-hour calorie stuffing activity, we realized it was time to adjourn to our movie. I have always been a follower for English movies and will never watch a Mandarin show unless it has cinematic effects worth watching. The husband being a fan for military warfare, I compromised to watch "The Confucius" which proofed to be flat boring.

It was SO BORING, I told the man that we should have just caught a cold comedy instead and have a good laugh. Nonetheless, some quality time spent with each other is good too.


And the finale of the day, would be to rest our tired body and have a good long-awaited knead at the spa. Alas, good times are always short-lived. And it was time to go back to pick the young man, who had been calling us all day and nagging over the phone to come home. -_-
Ahhhh....such a relaxing day to get lazy and fat together. We should do it more often.


hiPPo said...

what a good life!! woah! way to go gal.. :)