Sunday, January 18, 2009

2008 had been eventful

2008 has got to be my busiest year. A year of motherhood, a year watching your little one grow, taking his 1st solids, his 1st smile, 1st word, 1st step. All seemed like time has whizzed through too quickly.

Looking at his infant photos, one can never imagine how remarkable this tiny bean grew and emerged to what he is today.

Some of the things he can do nowadays: -

1) Recognises apple, bus, aeroplane and can name them too
2) Calls out Daddy and I've upgraded from Apple to Mama but still no Mummy :(
3) Understands A is for Apple and B for Bubble (no idea why)
4) Claps his hand, steps his feet and lift up his hands on cue when we sing "If you're happy and you know it"
5) Requests you to open anything that he wises - The door, the biscuit tin, your wallet
6) Says "No more" when he finishes his food
7) Calls Auntie & Uncle
8) Exceptionally good at throwing tantrums
9) Says "Ok" to your every requests as long as you offer him food (greedy boy)
10) Mistook cookie monster and calls it elmo

Have been awfully busy since 2009 started. To kickstart a brand new year with our boy, we buried ourselves in...

Ahh...frolicking in a sky pool overlooking the sea. It should have been a romantic escapade minus the third party. :P

Yes, we stayed over at Amara Sentosa over the weekend, thinking it was a good chance to getaway and bring our little terror for some activities apart from the routine weekend shopping.

I have come to accept that if we ever planned to stay overnight outside from home, it's NEVER an easy task. The list of "THINGS TO BRING" for a kid is unbelievable. To prevent myself from missing anything out, I started packing on Wednesday, bit by bit, until finally we get to set off on Saturday morning in FULL GEAR.

I was quite proud of myself that I had all things prepared and under control until I realized that I have forgot to bring the most important thing to capture these moments. MY CAMERA BATTERY!!!! -_- And so we had to resort to camera phone.

HOT HOT WEATHER deserves to have some ice-cream!

After a nice dessert, it's time to visit the fishes @ Underwater world

Due to a very major hiccup at the hotel, we ended having a very late check-in. Hence, we only managed to visit Underwater world & Dolphin Lagoon before Jayden dozed off.

And so, that was our chance to sneak out for the 'romantic' dip at the skypool! We were quite daring to have left Jayden in the room by himself but we were confident that he would nap for at least an hour so we made sure we returned back earlier. And true enough, Jayden was still snoring in lala-land when we returned and jumping on that chance, Dylan sneaked back to the pool while I had my shower and even took a short nap! Isn't what a relaxing gateaway should be? :)

Ocscar the mascot

The very next morning, we took Jayden for an early dip at the pool. The water was icy COLD! And being such a water baby, he refused to let the cold get into his play.

Even refused to let us hold him in the pool

Enjoying his chocolate muffin

And the best way to end our short outing is to have a nice warm breakfast after a good swim! :)

I must comment that Amara breakfast has quite an impressive spread and most important of all, delectable! Perhaps, we just may return back again!