Wednesday, March 10, 2010


Is a word I seldom use ever since we had a kid that wakes up earlier than your alarm clock.

But Cel & family has inspired me to do that more often. Of course, having brunch with good company is certainly more encouraging.

Cel suggested having brunch at this quaint place near Phoenix Park - Spruce over the weekend. Having our kids waking up at different hours always makes it tough to arrange a good timing. But nonetheless, Cel and I always make efforts to make every meetup possible. Anyway, we only need to pack the diaper bag and demand our slave driver to get us there pronto! We have since ditched the nightmare idea of single-handedly driving our kids around in the car.

The place was great, food was delectable. Loved the german sausages and banana pancakes!

And who can miss placing the two boys together.

Of course, we really didn't starve the boys. They had alot of pancakes and sausages. Whatever one eats, the other must follow as well. Monkey see, monkey do.

I couldn't help digging out the past photos of the boys sitting side-by-side. Jayden seemed more sociable back then - or rather prefer to irritate Ziv.


PRIMA said...

oh, don't u just miss the baby look in J?? so cute!!

Cel said...

Omg. It is funny how different they look after just 1 year or so!

They are no longer chubby! I prefer Ziv's current image now, actually.

Emily said...

@Dewi - Yes! I miss the baby smell too!

@Cel - I actually like Ziv's chubby looks. It looks so 'pinchable'. heheheh