Wednesday, March 3, 2010

The "WHY" zone

Nope. Our boy has not entered the "Why" zone. In fact, he has made his parents fall into his conniving trap.

Instead of our toddler quizzing us on things, we were the ones asking the "Why" in almost every conversation.

Some examples... ...

Jayden: I'm not happy.
Worried Mummy: Why are you not happy?
Jayden: Because...

And the boy just stops at "Because" as he can't explain why he's not happy.

Jayden: *takes off his pants & diapers and scoots off*
Mummy: Why did you take them off?!

Jayden: Mummy, I want to wear the truck shirt (in a hot weather)
Mummy: Why do you want to wear them? It's so HOT!
Jayden: *thinks for a while* Try first ok?

Jayden: Don't like Ms Wong (his teacher in school)
Mummy: Why do you dislike Ms Wong?
Jayden: Because...Ms Wong scold me. -_-

I am almost to believe that the "Why" zone was unknowingly created by the parents.


In other news, Jayden has started to become more conversant. His list of vocab expands in leaps and bounds each week. It has also become a fun experience each time I speak on the phone with the boy. On the other hand, we are also to be mindful of our words as well. We realized the cheeky boy tends to eavesdrop on our conversations.

Dylan and I have practically barred certain words. But to surpress angry words can be extremely tough at times. Just the other day, I bought a new DVD for Jayden and the sales assistant at Kiddy Palace brilliantly forgot to put into the bag. We didn't realized it until we got home. I went "ARRGGGHH!!" Jayden went "Shit! Stupid Auntie!"