Friday, March 26, 2010

There were 7 of them

... out of 11 that were borned in Feb & Mar and in an almost weekly sequence. So how can we commemorate this event?

Feb & Mar babies

Initially, we suggested to just do the usual dinner-at-a-restaurant. Subsequently, I started toying with the idea of having a mini space to ourselves with the kids running freely and not tied to the high chair.

So finally, we decided to have BBQ! And with everyone's food & drinks contribution, everything was well planned. Even weather was good! It was pouring the entire day but the rain stopped once it was time for us to set up the pit. Perfect!

Kids @ play, Men @ work. Where are the ladies?

Jayden had a great time with the kids, sand playing, eating lots of marshmellows and hotdogs. I enjoyed being hands-free most of the time other than binging on the yummy BBQ food. Thanks to everyone for making this possible.


mrs tan said...

NICE! i like this!