Wednesday, March 10, 2010

The Beauty Regime

... ... is a very expensive routine to maintain. However, one shall never compromise on the quality of the products as the end result would evidently show on your face.


The above is merely an excuse to redeem myself from the mad buying spree I had last week at the Robinsons sale. I was happily swipping the credit card without a hoot. In a mere half and hour, I am a 400 bucks poorer. If the credit card could function like the EZlink, I'm pretty sure I would have broken the record.

My loyal 'friend' for the past 10 years - SKII

MAC cosmectics for daily use

Clinique facial wash in jumbo size (limited edition)


ecookie said...

is the facial wash good? im looking for one now! my current one abit drying for me...

Emily said...

Depends on each skin condition I guess. I personally like it because it cleans off my make-up throughly. I used to use Fancl and then wipe with make-up remover, there's still residue left! With Clinique, there's no residue.

Get a small bottle to try!