Monday, April 5, 2010

It's been a while...

... since I have some decent activities for the boy. Jayden is getting so active these days that I would rather spend the undisturbed time napping with him or simply just watching the tube.

Apparently, Good Friday happened to be the only long weekend left for the rest of 2010 (at least I heard), so time is precious. We need to get the son out of the house, before he tells his friends that his parents are boring people.

It was initially planned to be a JB-cum-seafood on Thursday evening. However, local report warned us not to get ourselves stucked in the crazy jam at customs. So the plan was scrapped. Unwavered, we decided to meet for Brunch instead the following day.

This time the Hengs and the Yips tried somewhere else - Hatched, quite akin to Easter Friday.

Boys looking at the kids menu

Yum yum yum. Too hungry to take more photos

We were pretty disappointed when the restaurant failed to serve the animal pancakes for the boys. Reason being they were too busy to 'shape' the animals on the pancake. It is quite irrelevant - then don't put it on the menu right?

Nonetheless, the boys had some great time together. I bought some Easter chocolates from Candy Empire in the spirit of Easter Day. Jayden painted an Easter egg at school but the clumsy boy broke it on the way home before he could show it to me. :(

And it was back home for the son to take his ritual nap. But the fun didn't end. The following day, Cel and I decided to bring the boys for a swim to get away from the heat!

It was Mac brekkie in the morning and off to the pool to splish splash!

Jayden and Ziv had so much fun. They literally 'swam' two laps with the help of the float of course. And Jayden managed to kick his way through most of it - so proud of him! :)

Boys in their 'penguin' suit

The day lasted pretty well until the boys started to snatch toys and got violent with each other. Cel and I just shook our heads. We knew it was time to seperate them aka naptime.

Indeed, Jayden had a long deep slumber. Must be all the kicking and fighting. Good workout actually.

And there goes the long weekend... Can't wait for the trip to Bali in May!