Thursday, September 2, 2010

Days of the life of a SAHM

.... .... Temporary SAHM (Stay-At-Home-Mom) that is. The MIL had to go over to Adelaide and take over the task of infant sitting for my SIL's newborn - on a VERY LAST MINUTE NOTICE. I shall grief about that later.

I was actually quite excited about this 8-day bonding time with the son - planning some REAL activities for the boy.

Day 1: Sent the boy to school. Indulged on a heavy breakfast - never mind the calories for now. It's only Day 1.

Picked the son from school. Had lunch at Jack's Place and spent the rest of the day/night home.

Day 2: Decided to quarantine the child at home for 2 days due to the high rate of HFMD cases in school. Plucked up courage to bring the terror out ALONE to meet the Oct mummies for lunch. It wasn't so bad after all. :)

After lunch, decided to go for a hair treatment while son takes his nap. Wrong move. Son woke up 45 mins later and me with dripping wet hair. He used to sleep for hours!

Day 3: Ok. We need to get some serious activities done! Wrapped the teacher's day presents and got Jayden to 'write' and decorate the cards. He chose the colors himself. :)

Day 4: Brought Jayden to visit his maternal grandmother at her workplace. Everyone treated the boy like he was a celebrity - giving out balloons, chocolates, sweets. They are now hidden in some corner of the fridge hopefully forgotten by the kid.

Day 5: I declare myself child-care day free. Went for medical health screening and Dylan took over the nanny job.

Day 6: I am almost approaching the end of my SAHM stint and I realized I have not done anything productive with the son yet! *gasp* What happened to flash cards? Tracing letters? Doddling art?!

Jayden mentioned today that he wants to go to the beach for sandplay. Let's see if I ever fulfil his wish. And I have 2 more days to remedy myself. Bleh.