Saturday, September 25, 2010

Almost 3

In just less than 30 days, my boy will turn 3. Every time of this year, I am reminded that I am a mother to a child. From the times when he could only cry to communicate, coo and smile at my silly actions, trying to get on his feet and now to little young man who will often tell me that I nag too much at him. -_- Yes, he is no longer the defenceless infant.

I will certainly miss the times where I could cradle him in my arms effortlessly. Now, 14kg could only last a short moment before my arms ache and shiver - and sometimes I wonder why it never developed into muscles.

I will also reminisce on the times where Jayden looked at me as if I belong to his entire world. Now, he can play independantly or hang out with someone else.

For now, I am cherishing the moments where he showers me with endless kisses and hugs, saying "I love you Mummy". I am pretty sure those 3 words will vanish as he grows up.

Just last week, the Oct 07 mummies religiously celebrated the kids 3rd birthday @ Modestos Vivo. It is interesting to see that alot has upgraded to a mother of two. Whilst I still have alot of catch up to do.

1st Oct bash @ YCK Grassroots

Happy Birthday to all the Oct 07 babies! Not sure how long this will sustain. But I'd like to see the kids grow up together and have a laugh at themselves. Wouldn't it be nice? :)