Wednesday, September 8, 2010


Other than the size of my boobs, I encountered a flat tyre early last week during my SAHM stint.

It could have been a small issue where I can simply change the tyre myself. BUT BUT BUT,
  1. Tyre exploded in the middle of CTE and the car was in lane 1

  2. Son was sitting beside me giving the "What's that sound?" look

  3. I literally stopped the car at lane 1 and came out to check out the flat tyre, never mind the tons of cars whizzing pass!

  4. Called tow company and was told they can only arrive 1 hour later! Muster courage to drive to road shoulder

  5. EMAS LTA emerged from nowwhere and offered to help change tyre - I'm SAVED

  6. Found out Dylan left the spare tyre AT HOME *kua kua kua* and the fella was still in reservist!!!

  7. EMAS then suggest to tow the car to nearest carpark

  8. Called Liv to help bring Jayden home, he was getting restless under the hot sun

  9. EMAS then realized our car is 4WD so need a special tow truck - waiting game continues!

  10. Finally towed to AMK ave 5 carpark

A very busted tyre

Check out the 4 punctured holes!!

I had the shock of my life when Dylan changed the tyre. The inner wheel had 4 punctured holes, it was like someone deliberately stabbed 4 times on the tyre! It still remains a mystery as what could have caused it.

The entire ordeal left me speechless. Firstly, I acted like a frantic lunatic when it happened - could have been escalated due to having son in the car. His safety is my priority! Secondly, we were stranded in the middle of the expressway and didn't know what to do. I didn't know EMAS had such service, and it's FREE! I stored their number almost immediately.

Mental note: Must learn to act calm in emergencies.