Friday, September 24, 2010

Sep is a month for shows

In a span of 2 weeks, we have brought our little man to the Barney Space mis-adventure Adventure show and Voyage de La Vie.

It was more of a promise to Jayden as we have missed the show previous year. So far, we have brought him to watch Thomas, Hi-5 and some other children recital plays. And to our amazement disappointment, Barney show was the least entertaining - at least to the adults. Even Jayden said so himself. So I guess this will be the last we see of the purple dinosaur *HALLELUJAH*!!! :D

Complimentary from my mom, we were treated to the highest accolades show in Singapore. Thinking that the boy will be amused by the fireworks and baffling acts, we were pretty happy to bring Jayden along for his first 'circus' act - until the timid boy literally covered his eyes with both hands throughout the entire cast. It looked more like a painful ordeal to him than anything entertaining. SO GLAD THAT IT'S COMPLIMENTARY and not a waste of money. Still, I preferred the Cirque de Soliel anytime than this.

So what will be our next show? Little man has requested for Toy Story to come to town lately. Oh man. What a tough choice to fulfil.