Sunday, October 3, 2010

Lazy Sunday affairs

Every time I re-visited brunch, my love for eggs are rekindled. Forget about sunny side up, half-boiled or scrambled. Eggs benedict brings you to another level. Top it up with smoked salmon and you're swooned over.

Ever since C decided to keep Ziv away from the boring Shicida classes, we have more opportunity to explore places around that serves a good pack of brunch. Some are even worth the return visits. One of them would be Riders Cafe.

We love the simple concept of having horses around to entertain the kids. And although they have recently changed their menu, their warm toast and scones still saved the day.

Enjoying himself @ Paragon after a heavy meal


This year, we decided to dish away holding a mega celebration for J. There will only be seperate sessions with our family and closer friends who saw J growing up.

One of them would naturally be his 3 month older kor kor Ziv. So what better way to celebrate than to have it over a brunch session.

This time, venue was at Tanglin Tree. It had a mini playground and a sand pit. What perfect way to keep the kids busy while we sip on our latte serenading the cool breeze and pristine blue sky.

Thanks to C and family for getting the strawberry cheesecake. The adults were so stuff with brunch that we only had a few mouthfuls of the cake. The kids however, always have stomach to finish up a piece of yummy cake.

First celebration down and perhaps a few more mini sessions to go! In less than 2.5 weeks, my kid is turning 3 and hopefully TT (Terrible Twos) would also be gone by then?!?