Sunday, July 25, 2010

Birthday Fiesta Part 2 & 3

** Part 2 - 11 Jul **

So after the mega drama at Festive, Rach suggested some mind-entertaining activities to wind down the weekend aka MAHJONG.

Despite feeling lethargic from the previous night, I was eagerly looking forward to it as I've just got hold of my personal birthday gift - HELLO KITTY MAHJONG! :D

Maybe birthday gal got some gambling luck? :)

Rach pleasantly surprised me by arranging a potluck cum mini celebration. Cake from Jane's station. Never heard of the place but the cake was mad awesome yummy! *burp*

= Great way to get FAT! :D

In the end, RZ had the beginner's luck emerged the only 'fat' (cash-rich) winner. Thanks to Rach & her hub, A.B.C.D family, RZ and MJ for taking the effort and time to celebrate with me. :)

** Part 3 - 15 Jul **

Not that I'm some egoistical person who needed the whole world to know that I shouldn't be working on my birthday but ME time seems to have become extinct ever since you have a kid.

So this year, I decided to break the ritual and took leave and really do some stuff ALONE and with zero disturbance.

Morning session

Dropped the son at school and Dylan at work then went straight to ECP and roller-blade. It really felt great as I haven't roller-blade for the past 5 years, something which I missed doing. Furthermore, it's a healthy activity! Until... ... I rewarded myself with Mac breakfast after the workout. *gua gua gua*

After all the muscle tension workout, what better way to treat yourself than a nice kneading session at the spa? :) Ahhh... ... life should be like this everyday.

Afternoon session

Well, the idea was to spent the entire day doing things alone which I have never done before. The intention was to go catch a good movie aka Gold Class style but the hub decided to take half day to spend with me. Of course cannot reject the poor man right? :P

And so the rest of the afternoon and evening was spent eating, eating and more EATING! The morning activity did not make me feel any less guilty. *gulp*

Watched Inception at Eng Wah in the comfort of the director's couple seats. Mind boggling movie! And the cast were so drool worthy! I heart Joseph! Never mind Leo. :p

And finally ended the evening with the Son with a slice of banana chocolate tart.

Goodbye twenties! I have had one of the best twenties in my life. I hope I still have the energy to live another smashing thirties!

And that reminds me that I have yet to update my long overdued IC. *sulk*