Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Ziv's 3rd Birthday

I used to lament at my age when I was a teenager. Being below 21, meant there were alot of limitations - no late nights, limited pocket money and all the mind gruelling exams. So I secretly count down to the time of freedom.

But when you're approaching the next 31, it didn't seemed like a joke anymore, especially when you're attending a friend's son's birthday for the 3rd time. Time is playing a joke on you! It just passes faster than I can lose weight to fit back to my skinny jeans!

@ 1st Birthday

@ 2nd Birthday

I've come to realize that Jayden is usually the cheeky one, always up to tricks and antics as compared to the calm and composed Ziv. Even up till today, he still never fails to amuse me...

Ok. So that was just my impression of what their dialogue would be like. But I'm pretty sure that was it that had Ziv smiling. Haha.

C invited us over for a sumptuous Nonya buffet. I lost count of the number of kueh patis I have wolfed down effortlessly. Jayden couldn't stop nagging that we forgot to bring his swimsuit.

Happy Birthday Ziv! Looks like you'll get to see alot of Jayden for the rest of your life! Haha.