Monday, July 19, 2010

Birthday Fiesta - Part 1

Dylan has been lamenting that every year, my birthday celebrations can last for days like I'm the Empress Dowager. Hehehe...

Well, to pacify the sore-eyed old man, I told him that this year would be the last of such mega drama, cause no one wants to know you're 30-somethings and that's really not something fabulous to celebrate about. :p

The original plan was to go for a trip to HK as I wanted to cheong the summer warehouse sales. But it backfired as Dylan has just started on his new job and couldn't afford to go on leave during probation. *pui*

I was sorely disappointed as I wanted so badly to go on a mad shopping frenzy that has been planned for a year! *double pui*

I think I must have stick out my black face like a spoilt child so obviously that Dylan decided to make up for it and booked a staycation at Festive! Of course, I was ecstatic about it! And at the same time very heart-pained at the money cause the blardy hotel cost $400/night!! We could have gone somewhere overseas! *gives a wry smile*

Anyway, the deed is done, so in order not to put Dylan's effort to waste, I arranged for 2 days of full-filled activities.

9th Jul - FRIDAY
8am: Dropped son in school and told him we'll be going to hotel later. Son left for school very happy

11am: Picked the happy son and went for brunch at Prima Tower. Son so happy, he gobbled 3 char siew paus.

1pm: Checked in @ Festive but the hotel is so packed, it will only be ready at 3pm!! So not happy.

So what do we do with 2 hours on hand? 2 hours may seem short when you're on a honeymoon gateaway but it seemed like 20 hours when you have a restless kid in tow!!!

Jayden not very pleased that it took so long...

Dylan and I were so worn out from the previous day wedding affair for our friend that we decided to just snooze the entire afternoon away. Jayden loved the kids loft bed and would request that I sleep with him in it. But I wanted so much to just snuggle in the comfy king size bed!!!

815pm: Had dinner at Vivo before proceeding to catch "Songs of the Sea". The last time we watched it was 5 years ago!

Both Dylan and I are puzzled over Jayden's behaviour sometimes. The boy loves water - swimming, the beach, bath time, anything to associate with water. But he HATES water play, fountains or anything that splash out of nowhere and in your face.

And so, he didn't enjoy the show at all. :(

10th July - SATURDAY

Woke up bright and early! The son literally jumped out of bed and demanded that we bring him to the beach pronto because he didn't get to go the day before.

We went to Hard Rock's pool instead and was pleasantly surprised by the integrated beach pool design. No need to go to Siloso beach for the sand!

Staycation always seemed more like a holiday to Jayden than for Dylan and I. The boy had a whale of fun and even attempted to play Wii Fit which we brought from home.

By evening, my usual gang came along. I'm glad Dylan booked the Family Deluxe room which was spacious enough to house about 13 of us.

There were drinks, catered food, snacks that I sneakily brought into the hotel to feel the hungry stomachs. We did alot of chit-chat, gossiping, played alot of Wii Fit and Guitar Hero, made so much ruckus that the room next door would have probaby thought the hotel was a pandemonium!

Thanks Dylan for making everything possible! :D

The birthday cake

And surely, who can forget the birthday cake. The theme of the cake goes along with my birthday wish for this year and the many years to come - A happy family. :) What more can I ask for?

Last but not least, heartfelt thanks to all my friends who made it, for the presents, for the friendship and everything that you have put up with me. It is with you all in my life that makes everything more colourful.

Ok, next year, I will go in hibernation... ...


hiPPo said...

nah.. u wun go into hibernation next year dear.. i tot i would but ended up i want MORE! cos i have earned my right too.. hahaha!

u had a wonderful birthday and datz sooooo great! =P