Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Celebrating the old and new

Towards the end of June, we had two events - the "New" was to welcome C's new place and the "Old" was Dylan's grandmother 80th birthday.


As usual. Dylan had to work on a Saturday. But that didn't deter me from staying at home with a restless boy.

C invited us over to her new abode for a quick dip under the scorching dry weather and we gladly accepted. On the other hand, I suspect she is trying to tempt me to get a DSLR as well.

I always have a penchant for new things - new tiles, new furniture, new appliances, new paint. C's house look so fabulous! You can see full view of the swimming pool from the balcony. It looks so inviting, you wished you could just jumped off from the 5th storey straight in!

The pool looks so crystal blue and chlorine-free!

C just went snip snapping a whole bunch of photos of the boys. And as you can see, they were quite oblivious to what was going on. One was busy snapping, the other was making monkey faces to get their attention.

And the best part of it all? No blurry images! *bites lips* To buy or not to buy?


I cannot remember when or ever did we celebrate my grandparents' birthday. There is a tinge of regret that I never had the chance for the fact that they passed away when I was very young.

So when Dylan told me that they are going to hold a mini celebration for his grandma, I was quite excited about it and even offered to be in charge of ordering the cake!

Of course, the one that had the most fun was Jayden, who conveniently took it as his own birthday - sipping freely on juices and blowing off the candles before great-grandma could even make her 80th wish. -_-

My parents were invited as well so it was heart-warming to see them mingling with my extended family. I know we must do such gatherings more often. :)