Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Triple Ten

In less than 2 hours time, I shall bade farewell to my last twenties and officially declare that I have moved on to the next checkbox of a form.

While I lament that age has caught up, it also the time when I have grown and hopefully matured with the abundance of life experiences. This is also the moment that I rejoice about the fact on how much control I have of my life - Have a family, a job, being able to splurge on things I fancy, travelling to places of the world, enjoying on tantalizing gourmet delights at the expense of my expanding waistline.

Yes, indeed. Life is good and it's getting better with age. Who says getting older is a bad thing?

Like every other year, my dear friends have lavished extravagantly on me. I am extremely grateful that I have been in their thoughts. So after receiving so much love from them over the years, it outta get into my head that no amount of presents can replace the time and friendship that they have given to me right? ;)

I even shamelessly told C that next year we'll stop exchanging gifts and take the money to go to some fancy restaurants and spend quality time binging and catching up. I was even more surprised with her agreeing straight-forwardly and not thinking I must be some heartless gal pal who doesn't want to put in any effort to buy a gift. Hehehe....

Heartfelt thanks to all my girlfriends. I couldn't wait till 12 midnight and opened up!

And now presenting, my personally hand-picked mostly sponsored gift from Dylan... ... *drum roll*... ... ...

** TA DAH **

Since last year, I managed to convince the man to get me the coveted Chanel bag that I have been wanting so badly! But the other voice in me said to get a timeless watch instead. So after much mind-boggling and months of procrastinating and alot of advises seeked, this is it! I got the watch!

** D-Day plan **

For the first time in my working life, I have decided to take a day off and spend some ME time doing some outrageous things that I haven't done before or for a long time. It shall be an action-packed day.

Please pray for good weather tomorrow! And Happy Birthday to me! :D


Cel said...

Happy birthday!!

hiPPo said...

yoz! happy bday babe! stay pretty n happy always...

p.s. a beautiful timeless watch! great choice gal...

ecookie said...

AWW!! ur hubby is so sweet! im still waiting for the day mine to get me a rolex watch!!!

Emily said...

Thanks all!

hippo, I am still very tempted to get the bag. kekeke

it's ok! your omega is just as good! :) or maybe show him my blog if he can't take subtle hints! :p