Friday, July 23, 2010

Yet another movie

It is almost safe to say that we can bring the terror to the movies.

After we breeze through Shrek, Liv suggested that we try out Toy Story 3 this time.

Now, all of us have never caught Toy Story before and so we were apprehensive about the storyline. But after reading the raves from friends' blog and that each of them teared at the end of it, we reckoned that it should be a damn awesome cartoon to catch. After all, this is their 3rd sequel. How bad can it be right?

Well, the son was a little edgy when it got to the middle of the show. I guess he couldn't really understand the essence of the dialogue but still managed to sit through. So proud of him! Considering he's such a hyperactive sort - to sit thru 90 mins is an amazing feat!

So I guess we should be seeing more cartoons from now on. Dylan has not went to the movies with the son yet and he's pretty certain it will not turn out the same way as it did for me. Such a convenient excuse for himself to not watch cartoons!

On another note, Liv just told me the other day that Barney's coming to town. OH NO.