Sunday, November 30, 2008

Sunday is FUN DAY

After months of planning, we finally arranged a day at the Zoo with Nicole & her friends.

We had to get the little one out of bed at 8, dressed him up and whizzed off to the ZOO!

All chirpy and ready in his cap & rubbed with sun-block

At the Zoo entrance

Photo with the deers. It was tough taking a shot with Jayden facing the camera. He couldn't stop looking at the animals!

Engrossed in the animal show.

This is the 1st time Jayden sat quietly to watch the entire 30min show in 1 seating! No fuss! Guessed he really enjoyed watching the racoons, monkeys and birds popping out from nowhere and ducks jumping into the water.

*grouch* show ended already??

We ended up not taking alot of photos because the little one got exhausted, probably from the heat, by 11 and was zonked out. We even missed going to the kids playarea where there were water play, pony riding, etc. We'll definitely bring him back again!

After 2.5 hrs of sweat, we treated ourselves to Ben & Jerry waffles & ice-cream before heading back home. We were glad that we arrived early at the zoo cause by 12, the carpark was queued all the way out to the main road of Mandai! That's the problem with 'limited entertainment'. Everywhere is packed.

Thanks Nicole for the homemade breakfast! Let's do it again someday!

** 1st time to T3 **

Yes, there's nothing wrong with the title. This is OUR 1st time to Terminal 3. It never really crossed our mind to visit the place until people told us that it's actually a very baby friendly place to go.

And so, we went there for dinner at Popeye. I can never understand the rave about their chicken. It is oily, the fries are over-fried. In short, it was a horrible dinner.

Jayden was having his nap while we having our dinner. He was still napping while we walked around to find the Mickey & Friends display until he heard some kids screaming "AEROPLANE, AEROPLANE!" And his eyes lit up and looked around. He enjoys looking at aeroplanes. Whenever one passes thru our house, he will quickly walk to us and ask us to carry him to the window.

Back to our search for Mickey, the place was so huge, we didn't know where to start. So we asked this blur guy at the candy house counter for directions since he works there. And guess what that joker told us? "Err.... They are all on the road side leh". And it was raining heavily outside!

Not wanting to disappoint the little one, we decided to look around instead. And we're glad we did!

Posing with Mickey & Friends

A very happy baby with his Daddy

Back to that joker. He wasn't lying! While we headed back home, we saw the Mickey mouse & friends alongside the road as well!

And that pretty much sums up our Sunday last week. We hope you had fun baby!


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