Saturday, December 6, 2008

Barney has hit town

...or rather hit the West side of Singapore. Just like any gan cheong mummies, Celeste and I had been planning to bring our boys to watch the over-rated 'child celebrity' that had come to the most unpopular (at least in my opinion) mall in Singapore.


And just like every other doting parent, we have sucummb ourselves to this fat, unattractive, off-colour creature that have had kids glued to their tv shows, and the parents alot more poorer with their alarming range of merchandise. Till date, Jayden has owned Barney in micro & medium plush size, Barney dining sets, Barney clothes (this is bought by THE MIL). We are restraining ourselves from over indulging for fear that Jayden's future favourite colour is PURPLE.

So last Saturday, Celeste and I arranged to bring the boys to meet their celebrity. With a twist of communication, we arrived at 1pm lost in the crowd of Barney fanatics. Only to realized after the show that they would only come for the 4pm slot. Lucky for them to have got the pass ticket for the photo session taking! We arrived too late and ended up taking shots downstage which turned out pathetic (blame the daddy photographer)

It was still a good Christmas show and Jayden loved every bit of it. He was concentrating so hard, he cried the moment Barney left the stage. -_- Maybe we should introduce Baby (boring) Einstein soon.