Sunday, November 2, 2008

Fun @ Jacobs Ballas

And so, to end the month of October with fun-filled activities, Celeste and I arranged to bring the boys to Jacob Ballas.

We planned to meet 10:30am for a breakfast picnic. However, we didn't planned the unexpected jam and the location of Jacobs Ballas. Dylan parked at the center of Bontanic Gardens and so we had to walked 15 mins to get to the destination. Celeste and Kevin decided to drive instead.

And finally we met. Set up the picnic area and gobbled up hungrily at the food. Celeste prepared sandwiches and sausages. Me being a lousy cook, bought some kueys, pastries, otah, etc. The adults were so hungry, we finished up everything before we could even take a photo of it!

Ziv eating his onion ring

Jayden with his mouth food of cake crumbs

Daddy holding his hand to walk

At the water fountain

I had to capture this shot. He was whining because he wanted to play with the water but needed me to be by his side. Hence, mummy got wet too! And mummy didn't have extra clothes!

Finally happily playing and poor mummy trying hard not to get wet

It was a great day out with the boys despite the heat. A break from all the shopping and dining. The boys had fun at the riverside watching fishes, turtles and helplessly at other people blowing bubbles from afar. hehehe...

It was an enjoyable trip and we certainly looked forward to more! Of course, the next time, we'll be more prepared.


mummy carol said...

i love the whining shot! jayden really v cute... he's such a cheeky boy!