Thursday, November 20, 2008

Growing Up Gifted

I have been contemplating for the longest time whether or not to bring Jayden for classes. After reading some reviews, I wanted to enrol Jayden to a class that is coupled with learning & playing. Growing Up Gifted (GUG) was one of the choice.

But I didn't want to jump on the wagon and signed him up immediately to 8 weeks of classes without knowing if he'd enjoy the curriculum. I'm so glad that such places allow for just 1-time trial before you sign on a package.

And so we brought our little terror to his 1st class (apart from him attending one session of gymboree @ 6 monnths). We were quite excited about it until we were told that only 1 adult/caregiver is allowed in the classroom. :( So disappointing. Means both parents cannot get to experience the class together with our little one.

Well, knowing that Dylan cannot handle Jayden on his own, it was just Mommy and toddler.

Getting warmed up

Mommy, I'm all ready!

Obviously, we have to start teaching him to SHARE

And still full of engergy with Mr Happy after class!

Jayden with his art & craft snake

Jayden didn't take very long to warm up to the environment. Maybe because there were other 'fellow' friends there as well.

There were art & craft, story telling, bubble time and most bits of it were singing and swinging your toddler up & down. It was a nice session but I felt that it would have been better if we could have both parents in the classroom, especially during the sing-a-long session, carrying your baby UP & DOWN. EXHAUSTING & BACK BREAKING.

Dylan and I felt that Jayden wasn't ready for such long classes yet as the little terror just would not sit still. While the rest of the toddlers listened attentively to the teacher, Jayden was busy rummaging the toys, disturbing other parents and screaming away when he got excited. We really hope it's just a passing phase.

So after a good 1.5 hours of 'aerobics' with our toddler, we went to Swensons for some ice cream and dessert. Obviously, his glum face is telling me to not waste time taking photos and start feeding him that mudpie!

Don't worry little one, we will bring you for more classes and hope you'd enjoy each and everyone of it!