Wednesday, November 19, 2008

13 months

Happy 13th months baby!!!

I nearly forgot this date. It seems like once they hit the 1-year old mark, we stop to count in months anymore. Lousy mummy... ...

We took Jayden for his 1 year old photoshoot at The Studio Loft. I must say the experience was worse than his 6 months shots. Now that the little terror knows how to walk, he wouldn't sit still for a decent shot! So after this 'dramatic' experience, Dylan and I told ourselves that it would be the last. (We'll see)

This is our cheeky boy growing to almost half our height!

And finally we got a nude shot!

Even when busy, the big boss still wants to eat

The things he could do these days: -
1) Kisses you when you ask him to although he still kisses his toys more

2) Will walk to the trashbin and throws his soiled diaper when you ask him to

3) Will keep his toys when asked to then throw them out again to play

4) Screams when he doesn't get things his way

5) Loves to imitate us cleaning/mopping the floor

6) Recognizes words like "Bus, apple, bear, aeroplane" but can only say apple and 'bao' for bread

7) Prefers to sleep on his own now, thus no need mummy :(

8) Claps his hands when he hears a song, can recognize that it's a song

9) Offers biscuits to strangers and then take it back from them (this is quite embarrasing. heh)

Jayden is getting quite a handful these days and usually by the end of the day, Dylan and I will be totally worn out chasing him around the house. There are moments that we don't understand his cries and outburst of frustrations and sometimes we just lost our patience. But we kept reminding ourselves that it is our duty to teach our little one the rights & wrongs.

It's not going to be easy but it will be an enjoyable journey. So hang on tight little one!