Sunday, November 2, 2008

Our part time helper

We couldn't afford one so the little one had to help out. (Just kidding la!)

It's amazing how kids are interested in what adults do. Jayden loves to watch when Dylan starts sweeping / mopping the floor. And once Dylan was done with it, he will take up the mop and start imitating his Daddy. A good way to start encouraging him to clean up his playarea? :)


Sidetrack... ... Jayden was down with a viral fever since Tues. In the wee hours of the morning, he started crying and screaming like he was in pain. Nothing we did could comfort/soothe the poor boy. We figured that he was just very very uncomfortable. Measured his temperature and it was 37.7 degrees!

Dropped him off at the in-laws place before work and the sick boy just wouldn't wanna let Mommy go to work. And when we finally managed to seperate us, Jayden was wailing pitifully. My heart ached.

Called back home at 11am and MIL told me his fever has gone up to 38.4 degrees! WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR? BRING HIM TO THE DOC! I nearly screamed over the phone. It just baffles me to think that they were still taking it slowly when Jayden was moaning in pain. Brought him to KK A&E and nurse measured him again, this time it was a shocking 39.8! Doc said no signs of dehydration but just ruled out as viral fever and throat inflammation which could be the reason for his discomfort. Wanted to admit him but doc refused and said to come back only if the fever did not subside.

Fed paracetamol and for the rest of the day, it was agony for him. He wouldn't eat/sleep, didn't even want to take his favourite bath. At that point, I wished I was a SAHM that could be by his side. :(

After days of sponging and medication, his fever subsided but he developed a nagging cough. Let's pray that it'll go away soon.

To those who have sent me messages, thank you for your comfort and advises. Jayden will be back in action soon.


Daddy and Mummy said...

Glad that Jayden is better now.. you must have been v worried! That was what happened to Lleyton last week too.. nasty virus flying around..scary..

Emily said...

yes! stupid virus attacking everyone. hope Lleyton is fine by now after all the mini exercises? hehe