Friday, October 24, 2008

The celebration


After months of preparation, from combing the entire island of Singapore to find the perfect place, setting the theme, getting the partywares, the goodie bags, the invites, the co-ordination, the anxiety... it is FINALLY OVER.

Date: Sat, 18 Oct 08
Time: 3:30pm
Venue: Fidgets @ Turf City

Some of the contents of the goodie bag

All wrapped up and ready

The invites

Cupcakes to give away

The highlight of the event - 3kg cookie monster cake

All ready & set for the party

And what's a party without friends!

2 empty chairs reserved for baby Ziv & baby Max who went missing for the group shot.

Such a pity :(

Thankfully we managed to get a group shot with them. This is Ziv looking terrified because Jayden couldn't stop disturbing him from behind. Poor Ziv.

Baby Max and his parents.

Disclaimer: The one holding baby Giselle is not the mother. The mother went missing. (kidding)

With jie jie Sharmaine. Jayden couldn't stop taking his eyes off her!

Auntie Bon trying to 'kop' cookie monster away.

We managed to save cookie monster from her hands...

Family potrait with our toddler

With all his pressies unopened

Jayden received so many toys and ang baos!

Daddy & Mummy had fun ripping out the wrapping paper and unveiling what presents he got. In fact, we were more excited than the little one. There were so many exciting toys, but guess what he chose in the end?


Dear Auntie, Uncles and my baby friends,

Thank you for sharing the joy with me on my 1 year old.

Thank you for your ang baos, presents and well wishers. I'm now a very rich boy and have lots of toys to play with that Mummy & Daddy can save on. :)

I will promise to be a good boy and let you carry me next time.

Till we meet again.


Special thanks to my friends who helped out during the day. We needed 3 cars to lug the presents & party stuff back!

Thanks Liv for the yummylicious cake that got everyone blown away.

It was an eventful day. Dylan and I reckoned that this would probably be the 1st and last attempt on preparing such a 'grand' event. Hehe...we'll see...

Let's look at the damage to our pockets.

Venue - $600

Food - $250

Partyware & Goodie bags - $50

His Birthday Suit - $100

The smile on his face when we told him we're gonna charge to his account...



mummy carol said...


aunty carol LOVES ur priceless look! :)
u must have enjoy ur big party! stay healthy & cheeky always ya! :)