Sunday, October 19, 2008

The day you turned 1

A journey back to memory lane...

TODAY is the day, 365 days ago, where I decided to induce Jayden 1 day before his EDD. Based on our gynae's prediction, we were expecting his arrival on the actual EDD 20-Oct but little did we know that after 12 hours of waiting, the little one decided to see the world a day earlier at 1934hrs.

The delivery experience was amazing. When I finally managed to push my baby out, I felt that I've 'emptied' my stomach.

And when I heard Jayden crying pitifully, my immediate panicky response was "Why is he crying?! Is he in pain?!" Of course I got laughed at my gynae and the nurses who told me that crying was good as it opens up his lungs and vocals. Silly mummy...

I can still remember the 1st moment I cradle you in my arms, your helpless mouth went straight to me for food and how serene you looked when you were fast asleep.

If I could walk thru those moments with you again, I would. All over and over again...

Your 1st day in the hospital tub

Celebrating your 1st month milestone

By the 2nd month, you were already a curious baby

And the 3rd month, you'll squeal in delight when it's bath time...

By the 4th month, you could roll over and hold your head steady

At 5 months, you had your 1st dip naked.
That's about the time you start to lose your baby fats & chubby cheeks

You love to flip the books & had your 1st taste of solids.
You also cut your 1st bottom tooth.

At 7 months, you can feed yourself. Your fav food is apple.

You can stand supported at 8 months

At 9 months, you smile lesser because mummy make you do silly things

At 10 months, you discovered where I keep my most precious undies

After months of trying, you finally hold your own bottle

And now at 12 months,
we decided to let you take over the
wheels from daddy
(just kidding!)

At birth, you weighed 3.27kg as light as the feather and now 12 months later, you almost 9kg. Despite my arms ache everytime I carry you, I told myself that these are the only few moments that you'll allow me to carry.


Dear Jayden,
Please continue to grow strong, healthy & happy. Irregardless of which age you're at, please remember that Mummy & Daddy loves you very very much.

Mummy & Daddy has gone thru sleepless nights, agonising times to ensure that you're always safe & sound. But thru it all, we've always felt that it's more than worth it. We will always give you our best.

At times when we try to correct your wrongs, please don't hate us. We only do it out of our love because we want you to know what's good for you.

Happy Birthday baby Jayden!


rene said...

What a sweetheart! Congratulations and Happy Birthday Jayden!

Cel said...

Happy Birthday to Jayden.
And post the pics at the bday party soon!