Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Busy October

October only started to be a special month for Dylan and I when Jayden came along. And it has become our busiest month of the year, even surpassing the busy months when we did our house renovation or planning our wedding!
And since October was such a special month to us, we decided to celebrate every weekend of it!

1st weekend - 5th Oct


The MIL insisted on celebrating his 1st birthday on his lunar age instead. And so we did. Totally clueless on the rituals, we dragged (I have to use dragged cause the poor fella was still sleeping) Jayden to the grandparents place in the early morning to offer prayers to the ancestors.

Marked his feet on 2 giant ang ku kwehs, stuffed the blur baby with mee suah, chicken drumstick and mushrooms and then made a cheap attempt to make him 'pick the items'.

Obviously, Jayden picked the calculator first (must be thinking it was a model of a mobile phone). Then money (good for you boy!), followed by book and lastly the pen. I have no inkling idea what the sequence meant as nobody explained to us. -_-

After that, we quickly whiz back home for the little one to catch a quick nap before the relatives came over to tear the house down.

A 2kg sesame street cake from Pine Garden

Happy & proud parents of the birthday boy

Having fun with one of his gifts

Posing with his pressies & ang baos

Jayden received ALOT of ang baos from the relatives. Dylan was still joking that at the rate that he's receiving, his son will be richer than Daddy in no time. Heh heh...

2nd weekend - 12 Oct


Ever since Baby Bites (our dinner saviour) were wiped off the shelves, we couldn't find an alternative to keep Jayden busy while we gobble have our meals. And so, we gave him a bread stick off the buffet line. That only worked for a mere 2 mins before he started banging the bread stick in frustration and crushing it into pieces.

Nonetheless, we had an enjoyable & very guilty dinner with platters of sashimi, tender beef, pastas and countless chocolate cakes, durian puffs and ice-cream. And this was the day that Jayden tried every bit of what we had too!

What's up for the 3rd week?

** Jayden's official 1 year old party!!! **


Daddy and Mummy said...

Wah! Party every weekend.. Jayden must be looking forward to his birthday celebration this coming week. Happy Birthday Jayden!

Emily said...

Thanks auntie LH! I will behave and enjoy the party/

Wait for me kor kor Lleyton. I'll be turning 1 in 3 days time!

hiPPo said...

wow!! happie birthday in advance to Jayden!.. such a lucky boy with all the weekend happenings just for his bday!

and gal, alternative to baby bites are japanese brands: pigeon or waikodo snack.. adri loves these and i always buy them for her! i get mine from KP (pigeon) or cold storage (both brands)! =D

Anonymous said...

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