Saturday, October 4, 2008

2 weeks before 1 little terrorist will officially become 1 in 2 weeks time. Which means, I'll have to upgrade his milk soon, no more FREE access to most playgyms, no more an infant, no more counting his age by months, it'll be 1 year something... GOSH. Am I starting to miss the innocent, non-defiant baby I once knew?

Look at how much he has grown!

At least the swim suit doesn't look so oversized anymore.

And the lazy bum can finally hold his own bottle

He still loves the water

Barney became his favourite ride

And despite all the growing up, he still can fit into his infant cap

I have thrown the milestone checklist out of the window since Jayden was 6 months. I guess as long as the little one is growing healthily and crawling all over the place, the milestone achieved is just an extra bonus to brighten up my day.

The little things he does to amuse me nowadays: -

1) Waving bye-bye enthusiastically whenever he sees a bus goes by

2) Whistles when you ask "Where's the bird?"

3) Touches the nose when you ask "Where's bear bear's nose?"

4) Lifts your hands away from your face when you ask "Where's Mummy?" and then put's your hands back to play it again.

5) Claps whenever he stands from sitting position without support

6) Growls like a little bear

7) Throws his hankie when you're unaware and chuckles because you can't catch him

8) And lastly that special moment I witness his 1st baby step.

I nearly teared. My baby is going to walk soon. And soon, he doesn't need me to carry him anymore. I will surely miss that special bonding and closeness.