Sunday, May 29, 2011

Once upon a time in "Tiong Kok"

When I was young, I had friends telling me about their holiday experiences to China. The only thing that left an impression on me was that their toilets are perpetually filthy. So with that notion, I wrote the country off my list of holiday destinations for years.

This is until I had to go to Shanghai for a business trip in early May.

I love it when there's hardly anyone on the flight, even in the business class cabin. It meant that I could sleep and possibly snore without embarrassing myself.

So with an unimpressed feeling, I arrived at Shanghai, at the front door of my hotel - Langham, only to be awe-ed by the 5 star hotel decor.

Our hotel rooms in Singapore pale in comparison to this. And Langham is not even an international brand name. They had an elaborated walk-in wardrobe, the toilet floors are heated (mind you, not toilet seats but floors!) during winter, they had two toilet basins for god knows what, and even a personalized toilet bowl cleaner to wash your ass when you're done!

On top of that, all their hotel accessories are in pink! So chic!

I love travelling to countries during winter/spring. This is the time where I can be more adventurous in my dressing and not worrying to sweat under my armpits. So that's me camwhoring in front of the full length mirror. Must make full use of their walk-in wardrobe mah...

I'm pretty glad that I get to travel alone this time. So that meant some "me" time off work and I could venture around Shanghai at my own pace. For the first night, I visited the night alleys opposite the hotel. It was like a mini Holland Village.

I didn't dare to try their local restaurants so the best solution was to choose something familiar to home. I stumbled upon coldstone creamery and we had a franchise at 313 but it's always long queue! Their mud-pie coffee peanut combo mix really made every calorie intake worth it!

The 3rd night, my Shanghai colleague recommended to go to Yu Garden - something like our Chinatown version. So it's more camwhoring.

I only had time to shop at their factory outlets on the first day but look at what one day of damage could do!

And when you're cold, you just crave for more comfort food. So all these damage done during grocery shopping. *gulp*

Coming to Shanghai really changed my perspective although that are still some unhygenic places and seeing people spit in the shopping mall!!! is still something I need to get used to. But overall, it was a pleasant visit. And my co-colleagues treated me to Shanghainese cuisine where I had ducks tongue for the first time! *cringe*

I am secretly hoping that my job scope revert to Korea market. After all, that place is a shopping haven. :)