Monday, June 27, 2011

Baby boom

Nope. Nothing from me yet.

This year seems to be a good year for baby influx. Just last month we attended 2 baby showers in a row and I have 2 close girlfriends delivering in Oct (Yep, 2 more Oct babies!)

It is truely amazing to watch your friends moving on in different ways of their lives, having their own family. And to think we were once kids ourselves!

This is Daniel's precious girl Kailynn. I knew him as early as when Nintendo was invented. Back then, we will look forward to weekends where our parents will bring us to the country club and we will do all sorts of monkey things - hide & seek (yes, imagine in a huge country club compound. we end up not finding each other anyway), seeing who can do the longest head stands, playing gin rummy and seeing who can last the longest at the arcade with just one token. Yes, those were the days.

With our next generation, hopefully we can pass on these memories to them as well.

Lunch was at Pan Pac Claymore. Buffet is always a child's favourite as they look forward to the sweet treats towards the end. Obviously, the son is very delighted.

The following week, we attended Dylan's buddy's baby shower. Meet Jerome. Likewise, Dylan and his buddy were secondary school mates. I think his buddy knew more dirty secrets of Dylan than I do. Haha. As you can see, the man is pretty happy for his friend. But did he have the sudden urge to have another baby? Guess not.

So another 2 more babies in Oct. It's also a boy and a girl each! I wonder who is next on the list?


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