Monday, May 16, 2011

Day 8 - 10 : Paris

I don't think much introduction is needed for this city. The picture says it all, the bags people carry say it all and even people smooching at the park says it all - Paris.

But of course, when you come to Paris, you must do what tourits do.

The Eiffel tower

The Napoleon's Arc de Triomphe

The Louvre - yes where Mona Lisa is

Taking the cruise around the Seine River

And if that wasn't enough. We visted the Eiffel Tower 3 times - Day, Sunset and Night.

Eiffel @ Sunset

Eiffel @ Nightfall

I think the Eiffel @ Nightfall was the most spectacular. There was a brief moment where the tower will dazzle in various colours of lights and at that instant, everything seemed to come to a standstill. Everyone just looked at it in awe, oohs-and-ahhs. You could see couples hugging each other tightly, families embracing each other. It was a magical moment to be in the romantic city. :)

So when all the sight-seeing is done. It's time to get down to business - SHOPPING at Gallery Lafeyette. Even lunch had to be brisk as time was limited. 没时间啊!

Best quiche I've eaten at a French bistro beside Lafeyette

We had a 5-course French dinner but sadly, even my favourite foie gras didn't whet my appetite. How can French food in France go so wrong? :(

When food didn't go so well, desserts are always to the rescue. Macroons from La Duree. *nom nom nom*

Of course, all that eating and shopping makes one very happy indeed. :D

So what was the damage?

I think going to Paris makes one have the disillusion that you have an unlimited credit limit to just spend, spend spend! We never batted an eyelid when we saw something we like. The philosophy was "If you don't buy it now, what if you go back lamenting and become "the biggest regret in your life" (ok pun intended)?" Warped philosophy indeed.

My long awaited Classic Jumbo in Caviar!!!

Even buying bags also must be in matching color

Clothes from H&M, G-Star. We even bought shades just because Dylan forgot to bring his

The highlight of the trip - Daytona & Submarina

(steal my Chanel limelight *hmph*)

My humble Tag Heuer Aquaracer in mother of pearl face and diamond number dials


Sorry if this sounded like an arrogant post flaunting our purchases. I see it rather as a reflection on some of the impulsive buys. And then again, how often do you go to Europe?! Ok, I'm just trying to excuse myself out. :p

It must be a blessing that retail shops close on Sundays in Europe. So our group decided to take the sub and head down to Champs Elysee to embrace Paris life for the last time.

Where we're staying - some CBD area

Lunch was at Hard Rock which was mad yummy. Perhaps it was the overdose of poorly cooked pizzas, pastas, risottoes and what not.

And this is where we bade farewell to Europe. I'm sure we'll be back again. :)

Au revoir!


ecookie said...

*whistle* i want your loots!!! and dylan bought 2 rolex at 1 go!! so "hiong"!! haha. he really love rolex?

i dont know when my next europe trip will be...... @_@

hiPPo said...

woah!! i m blown away by ur indulgences but SHIOK wor!!!!!!!! hahaha... i love i love i love it!! =D

Emily said...

haha... my shopaholic ladies.

one is for himself, one is for investment. can plan soon! or go somewhere near - hk! pls don't tell your hub else he thinks I'm bad influence. :p

ya must buy else become "the biggest regret in my life" :p once in a lifetime, so just spend. now come back jiak loti.

hiPPo said...

emily, hahaha.. ur sentence reminded me of "universal studios".. LOL! so envious but reali reali MUST buys.. let me start to jiak loti now in order to save up and also prepare to jiak loti later.. haha