Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Something about Jayden at 3.5

Hello Everyone,

Today is a public holiday and my mummy is not blogging. So I decided to take over the keyboard and introduce myself at 3.5 years old.

Yes, at 3.5 years old, I still sleep with a hankie and pillow. Mummy cannot grumble much since I've managed to wean off the pacifier at 2 years old and am diaper-free too. Hey, as a kid, I do have human rights too.

I enjoy taking photos now and know how to smile at the camera though most of the time, I smile so hard, I can't see my eyes.

I have been sleeping on my own bed since 3 years old but some nights I still do creep into Mummy & Daddy's bed because it doesn't really feel good to sleep alone right. I don't understand why Mummy wants me to do it? *scratch head* But anyway, I still love my fire truck bed and would play imaginary fireman when I can't go to sleep.

I finally understood the meaning of Christmas and even helped Mummy to decorate the tree. Because she says that Santa will only give presents to good boy. I'm not sure how true is that because somtimes when I do misbehave, I still get presents under the tree. *cheeky shrug*

My favourite toy has got to be The Chuggingtons. It all started with 2 DVDs that Grandpa got me during X'mas and one innocent trip to Toys R Us. I got my first interactive Chugger - Frostini. I never liked the main characters - Wilson, Koko & Brewster and only collects the rest of the chuggers. Mummy thought there are only 3 characters but look at my collection!

I have all 10 of them now and I'm still trying to get Mummy & Daddy to get the Chugwash for my birthday. Mummy says it's an expensive hobby for one chugger cost $29.90. So 10 means nearly $300! I hope she used her own money to buy my toys. :p

At 3.5 yrs old, I'm still very much a water baby. I love swimming and have recently opened up to the concept of water play. I used to cringe at water showers and sprinklers but now as you can see, I'm enjoying them!

Of course, there are times when you just want to vege out and be a couch potato on the iPad. I even know how to use Youtube to search for my favourite cartoons.

So at 3.5, I'm doing what an average kid would do - eat, play, sleep and sometimes abit of study. I don't have any favourite sport or activity at the moment. I can read 1-10 and only half of the alphabets. I can only write 1 or 0. So that worries Mummy alot. But fret not Mummy! All kids learn naturally so let me play first for now ok? I love you Mummy! xoxo

Signing off,
(Mummy's imaginary impression of me)