Thursday, December 30, 2010

Before the year ends...

I am compelled to blog for the last time before I head off in less than 6 hours, on another road trip to Malaysia and spend countdown in a frenzied pool of people.

Another year has come and gone. So many events had taken place, so many experiences and memories to jot down.

Spending the countdown with this group of friends have become a ritual for the past 6 years. We are that committed to the extent that I would leave Jayden in my in-laws care just to avoid the many other issues - meltdown, being a handful and most important of all, getting lost in the crowd. I feel the guilt every time. :( Sorry boy. Hopefully you can join us next year.

So before I leave the country, let me leave some photos behind of what we had done for X'mas.

This year X'mas proved to the most exhausting but fulfillng one. Perhaps also because we had 2 house gatherings in a single row.

I don't think the son really understood the meaning of Christmas. Perhaps it meant ripping open many many delightful presents from people who loved him. Thank you Aunties and Uncles for the gifts!

Merry X'mas and Happy New Year!!!

Will write when I'm back!

Monday, December 27, 2010


I conclude that this is one of the hardest milestone for Jayden. Sleeping through the night, weaning off the pacifier, sleeping in his own room, being diaper free at night - all these seemed mediocre to having to tell the son that poo-ing while standing up in his diaper is not the proper way for bowel movement.

There were times where the boy would rather just constipate throughout the weekend or go red in the face when I refused to give him the diaper thinking that he would have no choice but to do his dump at the potty. It was 3 months ago when Jayden went diaper free even at night.

I am not sure if it was peer pressure or education from school. One fine day, when the son mentioned he needed to poo, I gingerly asked if we could try the potty - and he AGREED!

Of course, there is a smelly price to pay. I had to sit through the entire session, holding his hands and even pretended I was poo-ing TOGETHER with him. Kids just don't want to feel left out I guess.

But it was all worth it. Jayden has successfully managed to poo in the potty without STANDING UP and IN DIAPER! And after a few sessions with him, Jayden has now requested for me to stand outside the toilet with doors closed while I wait for him to finish his business, knowing that I can't stand the stench. Hehe.

So yes, it is a HUGE relief for me to annouce that my boy is finally DIAPER FREE! WOOHOO! More savings!

What better way to reward the son than ice-cream!

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Birthday Party

When Jayden was a baby, he was a defensive and shy boy who refused to participate in any of the playscape or party activities. Fast forward 3 years later, he still is and it has become extremely difficult to encourage the kid to join in with the rest whilst he's missing out on all the fun. On the contrary, the boy seemed to prefer giving the 'fun' a miss and not jostle with the rest of the kids.

I am hoping that this shyness will go away when he grows up.

The photos are deluding though it shows that he is having alot of fun - ON HIS OWN.

Dawson turns 2 and he is almost the same height as Jayden! *gulp*

That 1 year itch

Apart from the almost-weekly-sinful retail shopping, I realized I have a terrible habit. It usually comes as a yearly itch that I find it hard to curb.

I thought I would have made it this year without any new purchases but this was too hard to resist...

Balenciaga Classic City 10th Anniversary Edition in Lizard Embossed skin

Interior fabric is in animal print
So will I break the curse next day? It is undeniably a challenge considering that we'll be going to Europe in March!!! *beams* How is it possibly acceptable to come back from Europe EMPTY-HANDED?! (as I typed this, the hub in background is shaking his head)

Of course, how can I miss X'mas not buying gifts for the two boys in my house? Then again, isn't X'mas supposed to be a season for spending, spending, spending? :P

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

First Day

1st Dec - Jayden started his new school @ Agape Little Uni. Like every worried wart mother, I made sure I packed everything in his bag, droned in his ears everyday that he's going to a new school and make new friends and hoped he has a smooth transition.

Photo taken by Jayden - Not bad eh

The 1st 2 days were pretty easy. He went to school with a smiley face, bade farewell to me and lasted till the end of the day. Well done boy!

I thought my worries were unnecessary until Day 3 arrived. The boy suddenly burst into tears when we turned into the carpark and refused to go to school. Biting my lips, I handed him to the teachers and assured him that I'll come to pick him up when school ends.

It has been 4 days now. It is getting better - at least I perceived to be. The poor boy will try to fight back his tears and told me he'll be brave. Jayden will request a goodbye hug each time I leave him at daycare before he slowly walked back to class.

My heart aches each time he does that. :( I hate this feeling.


** Bon's ROM **

The long awaited day. Finally my girlfriend has tied the knot.

Bon is one of the few friends I grew up with. We shared almost every secrets together, exchanged gossips on the cutest guy in school, worked part-time during school holidays and did alot of silly naughty things.

We literally watched each other grew up, saw the guys we've dated and finally settling down. I cannot believe we've grown so old!!!

Obviously, the gal has a serious obsession with Cookie Monster since secondary school days. Everything was in blue! From the flowers, to the carpet (yes, people use red carpet but she used blue!), to the balloons, cake and even the ring bearer! Very innovative indeed.

Congrats babe! Looking forward to your customary one year later!

** Company D&D @ Fullerton Bay Lantern **

The D&D was nothing to rave about. I never really relish the idea of stand-up cocktails as everyone was everywhere and in a mess! However, having to go for an event meant that I needed a new dress to wear. Of course, also an excuse for myself to shop shop shop!

C's blogshop Modashoppe happened to launch a range of dresses days before the event. What appropriate timing! The best thing about it was I managed to get to wear the dress prior to their official launch! :D

Back to the D&D. I was aiming for the iPad that I was literally chanting under my breath. In the end I won a "$100 NTUC voucher" *gua gua gua* No iPad for my kid but still have free milk.

Hopefully I'll still be around next year to win some travel vouchers. *cross fingers*