Monday, December 27, 2010


I conclude that this is one of the hardest milestone for Jayden. Sleeping through the night, weaning off the pacifier, sleeping in his own room, being diaper free at night - all these seemed mediocre to having to tell the son that poo-ing while standing up in his diaper is not the proper way for bowel movement.

There were times where the boy would rather just constipate throughout the weekend or go red in the face when I refused to give him the diaper thinking that he would have no choice but to do his dump at the potty. It was 3 months ago when Jayden went diaper free even at night.

I am not sure if it was peer pressure or education from school. One fine day, when the son mentioned he needed to poo, I gingerly asked if we could try the potty - and he AGREED!

Of course, there is a smelly price to pay. I had to sit through the entire session, holding his hands and even pretended I was poo-ing TOGETHER with him. Kids just don't want to feel left out I guess.

But it was all worth it. Jayden has successfully managed to poo in the potty without STANDING UP and IN DIAPER! And after a few sessions with him, Jayden has now requested for me to stand outside the toilet with doors closed while I wait for him to finish his business, knowing that I can't stand the stench. Hehe.

So yes, it is a HUGE relief for me to annouce that my boy is finally DIAPER FREE! WOOHOO! More savings!

What better way to reward the son than ice-cream!