Tuesday, December 7, 2010

First Day

1st Dec - Jayden started his new school @ Agape Little Uni. Like every worried wart mother, I made sure I packed everything in his bag, droned in his ears everyday that he's going to a new school and make new friends and hoped he has a smooth transition.

Photo taken by Jayden - Not bad eh

The 1st 2 days were pretty easy. He went to school with a smiley face, bade farewell to me and lasted till the end of the day. Well done boy!

I thought my worries were unnecessary until Day 3 arrived. The boy suddenly burst into tears when we turned into the carpark and refused to go to school. Biting my lips, I handed him to the teachers and assured him that I'll come to pick him up when school ends.

It has been 4 days now. It is getting better - at least I perceived to be. The poor boy will try to fight back his tears and told me he'll be brave. Jayden will request a goodbye hug each time I leave him at daycare before he slowly walked back to class.

My heart aches each time he does that. :( I hate this feeling.