Sunday, December 19, 2010

That 1 year itch

Apart from the almost-weekly-sinful retail shopping, I realized I have a terrible habit. It usually comes as a yearly itch that I find it hard to curb.

I thought I would have made it this year without any new purchases but this was too hard to resist...

Balenciaga Classic City 10th Anniversary Edition in Lizard Embossed skin

Interior fabric is in animal print
So will I break the curse next day? It is undeniably a challenge considering that we'll be going to Europe in March!!! *beams* How is it possibly acceptable to come back from Europe EMPTY-HANDED?! (as I typed this, the hub in background is shaking his head)

Of course, how can I miss X'mas not buying gifts for the two boys in my house? Then again, isn't X'mas supposed to be a season for spending, spending, spending? :P


ecookie said...

ooh!! nice bag! leopard print is sooo pretty!! :) are you bringing J with you to europe?? im persuading my hb to do so but he's not keen to bring the kiddo along.. :(

Emily said...

nope. for sure not bringing the kid. we didn't do any couple trip this year so making up for it next year.

at least you've been to quite a few cities. my hub is still a virgin. kekeke.