Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Sleep training

The things we do to encourage the boy to sleep on his own.

We trained Jayden to sleep in his room since he was 8 months old. Until when he turned 2 and found out that sleeping on his own isn't all that comfy as squeezing in a queen size bed with us.

And there comes the many other conniving excuses as well - "Mummy, I'm scared of the pig above my room. There's a Z monster under the bed. I can't sleep in my room it's too hot." So we left him in the comfort zone of our room for about a year, sleeping on a thin mattress on the floor.

One day, I told Liv "It's time he needs a proper bed." That was it. And so it began the search for a decent bed to convince the son that sleeping on it was way more fun than squeezing with us.

I have always wanted to get the Thomas train bed but the size was way too small for a growing kid. Besides, it was only available in the States and hand-carrying the item seemed impossible although I know C's BIL made it back.

Then I recalled the time we visited a local furniture shop selling kids furniture. I was also dreadfully reminded how the son bawled when we tried to pull him away from the double decker bus bed and said it was too big for the room.

One year later, we brought him back to the shop to re-select his bed. And courtesy of his godma, he is now a proud owner of a red fire truck bed.

Well, is Jayden comfortably sleeping on his own now? He still requests for us to accompany him during bedtime. But at least he wakes up on his own now and proclaimed that he had a good sleep. Oh, and he's fully night diaper free too! :D