Friday, November 19, 2010

Moving on

Today marks the end of Jayden's pre-nursery class at Thomson Baptist Kindergarden (TRBK). Ironically, today is also 1 month passed his 3rd birthday.

It never dawned upon me until today that my son will be moving on to another environment. When I dropped him at school this morning, bringing cupcakes for the party and small gifts for his teachers, I then realized that today is the last day my boy will see his teachers, a place he has grown accustomed to for the past 9 months, sharing happy memories with his friends and teachers.

I suddenly felt lost.

Will he like his new school? How long will it take for him to get used to the new environment? Will we need to change to another school because of external factors - distance, teachers, curriculum, environment, etc?

I hated that feeling.

"You'll never know until you've tried" - Everyone would say. So I guess that's really nothing I can do except hope that J gets adjusted as quickly and smoothly as possible. That his immunity system is strong enough to fight away the many diseases at the daycare centre.

I have been preparing alot of things to make the boy feel comfortable with the transition - new bag, lunchbox, beddings, sweater, things that would make him feel familiar and not cry himself to sleep at a foreign place. Telling him on a daily basis that come X'mas he will have to go to a new school and meet new friends.

I really hate this feeling.

On another note, have received Jayden's year-end review at school. Comparing from mid-year performance, it appears that he has improved although I suspect it's just a tactic to make the parents feel better. Till date, the son can only read numbers from 1 - 10, shapes and colors but has no idea on alphabets. That worries me. I need to buck up pronto!