Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The 3rd year

Everytime of this year, I would be like a frantic mother going through my mental list to ensure that the son has the most enjoyable time on his birthday.

After holding mega celebrations for 2 consecutive years, I told Dylan that we should keep things simple for fear that I cannot live up to Jayden's expectations of a smashing celebration as he grows older. Well, to use the word simple, is always an understatement.

10-10-2010: Celebrating with his friends

16-10-2010: Celebration with Godma @ T3

11am: Met up with Liv for furniture selection. After much contemplation, we decided to get the Fire Truck bed for Jayden, courtesy from his godma. We had a hard time trying to reason with him that green color just don't suit his room style.

1230pm: Lunch @ Sakae Pasta. I made a horrible choice of braised meat sandwich. Imagine they used normal sunshine bread! Thereafter, we proceeded for ice-cream. Jayden picked his own mini volcano and happily gobbled down 3 scoops!

17-10-2010: Dim Sum Lunch @ Ritz Carlton

Met up with my maternal family for lunch. My dad initially wanted to order an ice-cream cake but I flatly rejected as we had to head out later. And so, my mom picked a cake from The Patissier. Chocolate cake with marshmellows - what a great choice!

19-10-2010: Actual day celebration @ School

I am only thankful we had a car to load all the stuff and drive straight to school. One big bag of goody bags, the cake, his clothes for outing after school. I cannot imagine lugging it around and hailing a taxi underneath the scorching heat.

The celebration was pretty simple. The teachers gathered the kids to the table, made them sing a song for the birthday boy and viola, all done.

Jayden was exceptionally a good host that day, cutting cake and ensuring everyone had a piece of it.


Jayden couldn't wait till the actual day and requested to open all his presents. I am impressed that my friends took notice of the things Jayden likes and got him things he had mentioned to them before.

It certainly beats being a kid these days. J's roomful of toys has proliferated at such an alarming rate that has gone beyond storage control.

Well, what can I say. As long the son is happy, I am happy.

Happy 3rd Birthday son! We're glad you've enjoyed your birthday. Please continue to stay healthy and happy. Mummy and Daddy love you always.