Sunday, November 21, 2010

Kuantan 4 - 6 Nov

We went apprehensively but came back a few kilos heavier and collected some beautiful memories.

Departed the house as early as 6am and another 6 hours later, we arrived at Swiss Garden Resort.

We were mildly impressed... ...

The resort was spacious and the rooms were clean - that was enough to make our stay pleasant. Most hotel photos always turned out differently from the actual thing so we learnt that lowering our expectations when travelling would make your trip a better one.

Photos... ...

We had the entire beach to ourselves on Day 1

The entire trip consisted a myriad of good food, sand and water play and the unforgettable company from the Lims. I've never seen Jayden had more fun from the past trips than he had clowning around with Chloe.

And who can forget how we managed to stuff 2 25" huge-ass luggages, 2 car sets, 2 strollers, 5 adults and 3 children in ONE car. I could almost hear the car suspension whining in pain. Hur hur.

Thanks for the great trip Lims! Certainly more to come!


mrs tan said...

i missed the food and fun! im jealous!!! hmph!!!

Emily said...

hehe. wait till baby tan is out we'll go as 3 families!