Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Outing in the open waters

A week before my birthday, my mom came up with this brilliant idea of going on a cruise as she had excess points on her system so everything was ON THE HOUSE.

I fervently recalled of my last cruise trip 8 years ago that didn't left a lasting impression and was really apprehensive to accept her invitation. However, to fulfil her wish to bond with the grandson, I reluctantly agreed. It would be my first trip overseas without my other helper aka Dylan.

Jayden was quite excited that we're on a big ship - that's what he said. Because grandma told him there were free flow of ice cream.

We had dinner at the buffet terrace, enjoyed some night breeze and parents went for their casino dosage leaving me and the terror alone in the terrible small cabin. Even Jayden wasn't impressed with it and asked if we could go home. I told Dylan that our son is spoilt now after being to luxurious places.

As usual, the son woke up at 8 and we proceeded for mediocre breakfast that even the boy only had a mouthful. At that instant, I just wished I was home, lying on my comfy bed and eating some decent food! Ok we are very spoilt.

The trip took a turn for the worst when Jayden started to develop a low grade fever. But the gungho hero insisted that he wanted to go for a swim. That was the whole purpose of bringing him here right? What to do? Look at his smiley face after a dip.

Of course, I got bored and started playing around with my camera functions and cam-whoring.

In his cot and reading a book at the library

The entire trip made me felt like I was more of a nanny attending to a hyper-active albeit sick child. I didn't have any single ME time at all which was why I wanted to come back to land so badly.

Thankfully, I managed to sneak into the casino past midnight when my dad came back after he lost some money. I, on the other hand, won some small money. Hehehe. So I guess that is the only comforting/enjoyment I had.

Dylan has never been on the cruise before. But I managed to convince the old man that it's worth giving it a miss. :P Still, it was a pleasant trip with my parents. I'm glad they bonded with Jayden one way or another. But I doubt I'll ever step foot on a cruise-liner again - not without my helper hub Dylan.