Thursday, August 5, 2010

Man in the house

One of the reason why I wanted a place of my own was that I would have the freedom to do the things I want, at my pace and not have people dictating on the time I should go to bed, have my dinner, etc.

However, now I have a little man in the house who decides when I should go to bed, where I should be sleeping and WHO I should sleep with.

Jayden has been sleeping independantly in his own room since he was 8 months old and able to sleep through. But nowadays, he demands that he sleeps at our room. I offered the boy a mattress beside our bed but he is determined to be by my side and even ushered his father to sleep in his room instead.

At times when I want to do my things, the son will drag me to bed and say "Mummy, you're tired. It's time to sleep." Sometimes such gesture warms my heart for I know he just wants me to be by his side. But at times when I really just want to vege catching the tube, I end up being asleep! Grrr....

Of course, the other man, aka Dylan is not very pleased with the current sleeping arrangement but we would just have to make do until the son gets bored with me.

On another note, Jayden has also started to ask a string of questions that leaves us baffled sometimes.

Where is our home?
Where is Seng Kang?
Why Mummy have to go work?
Where is work?
Where Jayden has to go school?
Where is the truck going?
Where are we going for dinner?
When is my birthday?
Why is it in October?

It's an endless list of questions that only starts from one. Even the neighbour who used to coyly answer the curious boy's questions now keeps his doors closed.