Sunday, April 18, 2010

Seoul in 5 days

I've come to realize that flying in the midnight hour is no child's play. Arriving at the destination at an unearthly hour with an atrocious line of crowd is not amusing at all.

Arrived at Incheon airport at 7:07 Seoul time = 6:07 Sg time!! *yawn yawn* Not enough sleep. And look at the maddening queue! I wished a rain would chase them away. -_-

The very "not-so-funny" driver told me we would reached the hotel in 30 mins. I dozed off shortly after and awoke 1.5 hours only to find myself still stuck in the streaming morning jam. "How long more do we need to get to the hotel?" I asked. "30 mins" said the driver.

I realized later that "30 mins" was the only English word he knew. At least I thought so. -_-

Stayed at the Intercon and the room was HUGE.

The subway in Seoul was like a labyrinth! With no time to lose, I had to carefully pick the "MUST GO" places to get the "MUST GET" things on my long long shopping list from friends and family.

So first, it was to Jamsil - where Lotte Mart is and the nearest Toys R Us store I could find. Yes, toys for my boy first. He is priority!

They have cashiers moulded like trains, so cute! In the end, I bought 2 sets of the same things - one for Jayden, the other for Ziv's coming birthday.

Next, to the famous Dongdaemon. Sadly, there was NOTHING I could buy. Perhaps with limited time, it wasn't wise to comb through the flea markets - in the freezing windy weather.

Myeong-dong, on the other hand was livelier. And that's where the beauty frenzy starts. BB cream, face masks, foot masks, whatever cream/gel/moouse that you can slap on your face at crazily affordable prices! I bought so many facial masks, people must be thinking that I have a serious skin problem!

When the fun ends, it's time for real work - meetings, late nights and lots of drinking over a sumptous spread of dinner. Cel made me felt worst by saying that she goes to the gym everyday. *stare*

Hot shabu shabu for lunch

Cherry blossoms on the way to work!

And cheers to Apple Soju!

See. Eating like this everyday, how not to put on weight ah. *stares at erupting tummy*

And the rest of the week were spent like a recycled routine. Wake up, rush for meetings, talk, eat, drink, then crawl back to hotel late at night to get 4 hours of sleep. And tomorrow starts again. Kind of reminded me of late night feedings. *shudders*

The loots!

4 baggages and 2 more at the airport. I had no idea how I managed to lug them home.

I have never been happier to be back home, in the familiar heat and my personal slave aka Dylan to help me carry my shopping bags. Tee hee hee...


Cel said...

I m HUNGRY just by looking at the food pictures! Maybe the fats gained from the food are worthwhile!