Wednesday, April 28, 2010

My boy at 2.5

Alot has commented that Jayden has grown taller, speaks (argues) better and looks like his mother (thank god).

We used to worry about Jayden bumping his head onto the table top. Unknowingly, he is standing well above it now. Jayden has also been sleeping in his room when he turned 1. He scoots off to join his classmates after I dropped him at school. He nags about how long I take to dress up and even chooses what I wear. He will tell me he is sick so as to avoid attending school. He can also now tell me he needs to go to the toilet and pee like a man.

This is when I realized my boy is no longer a baby. (although he'll always be one to me)

Jayden has transformed to an intelligent boy. One that has a mind of his own, though a very stubborn one and a fiery temper to match. We are constantly struggling to guide our boy patiently. Teaching him the right values hoping that he will become a fine young man when he grows up.

It is an ongoing challenge for us as the boy sometimes refuses to relent. Hard tactic, soft tactic. We have tried it all. Many says it is due to the Terrible Twos phase. We certainly hope so!

Nonetheless, Jayden has brought to the family immerse joy whenever he cracks a cold joke. (He is such a cheeky boy!) He also provides never ending worries to us whenever he falls ill or have a bump on his head.

My precious son is 30 months now.

Mummy & Daddy loves you always.


PRIMA said...

Nice photo! :) cheeky boy :)

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