Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Phone talk

When I was in Korea...

** Over the phone **

Jayden: "Mummy..."

Me: "Yes, baby. How are you?"

Jayden: "Mummy...I want surprise."

Mummy: "????!!!!! Ok. I've bought you a surprise but you need to be a good boy and get well ok"

Jayden: "Jayden good boy. No sick" (even though he was running a high fever at 39.6 degrees!!)

Mummy: "Remember to take your medicine and go to bed early ok"

Jayden: *cheeky giggles* "Ok mummy. Love you"

Mummy: *heart melts* "I love you too. Good night"

Jayden: "Good night"

At that instant, how I wish I could go back and attend to my sick boy. :(

Jayden's off school for the entire week. We reckoned he should get ample rest and not risk getting another viral infection.

Today's the third day and I'm praying hard my boy gets back to health again.


PRIMA said...

Jayden is a strong boy. Mummy don't worry much ok? Just 2 more days and you'll be back! :)

hiPPo said...

datz so sweet of J!! awww... dearie, u have a very sensible boy so no worries abt him k? i m sure he's up and running abt now!