Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Is it over yet?

X'mas is certainly over and done with. But the X'mas tree remains in the corner of our living room - untouched. Of course, the kid and presents not included.

We are still hoping for a special vaccum to compact the humongous tree into a tiny tupperware and store it until next X'mas.

Just the other day, we saw a shrink-wrapped X'mas tree at a jewellery outlet, ready to be packed into storage. Now, who said we were the only lazy ones?

Celebrated the New Year's eve at the Marina Float with my usual gang. This is the 5th consecutive year that we do this together - Dinner and then countdown with the Fireworks. I must admit that the mini concert at the Float was flat boring. I wished we could have done more with hanging around a cafe, sipping on a nice glass of champange and yabbering away. Besides, we hardly get to have hearty chats nowadays. Nonetheless, the company was great. And I'm still hoping for a new companion in the group for Jayden. Perhaps this year? :)

Fast forward to 2nd Jan. We met Celeste & family for the ritual new year dinner. This time, it's our 4th new year spent together. Dylan was raving alot on the seafood & oysters he heard and very much wanted to try out. And so, we conned the other unknowing family to Conrad's Oscars and had a great time feasting. You have no idea how much fat burning exercises Celeste and I sweated just to attend this food binging 'event'. No photos available as I'm still waiting for the retun of my SD card. Yoohoo? Cel, you hear me?

Again, 2009 whizzed passed by like a breeze. One moment, I was reminiscing on the birth of my son, the next moment, I am worrying about Jayden adapting to his new pre school. And not to mention planning the next house shift cautiously as that would determine his elementary school in future! How scary can Parenthood gets?!


Two weeks into 2010 and I didn't even had the time to blog about my new year resolutions! I traced back how we spent the last days of 2008 and what my 2009 resolutions were. And surprisingly, I didn't set any goals for myself in 2009. It was just purely time spent with good friends, family and reflection on how much my boy has grown in a year. :)

A walk-thru on what was done in 2009... ...
Jan - Staycation at The Amara Sentosa with Dylan & Jayden
Feb - CNY, Daddy's birthday & Jayden started his 1st class at Grace Kids
Mar - Jayden managed to sleep independantly in his own room
Apr - Jayden contracted chicken pox at 18 months
May - Trip to Hokkaido Japan, also the time when Jayden refuses to sleep on his own again
Jun - Rested the whole month and did NOTHING
Jul - Mummy's birthday! Attended a Jakarta wedding
Aug - Jayden goes to the Zoo
Sep - Jayden starts going to playgroup
Oct - Jayden turns terrible two! Birthday retreat to Club Med, Bintan
Nov - Group trip to Phuket with the gang (Bon, Adrian, Bryan), bought my 2nd bag - Miu Miu
Dec - X'mas gathering with our friends and counting down to the next year

So what will be my 2010 resolutions?

  1. 1 long holiday, probably USA or Japan & 1 short holiday, hopefully to bring Jayden along to Hong Kong
  2. Be more patient to Jayden
  3. Celebrating my 30th birthday overseas with my gfs
  4. Going diving again
  5. Getting my dream bag - Chanel 2.55 Classic Jumbo (when can I own you!)
  6. Staying healthy - swimming and hitting the gym every week
  7. Going health screenings yearly - have to plan one for Dylan soon
  8. Start saving to plan for house shifting in 2 years time
  9. Stay on my current job at least for > 2 years (I job hop every 2 years)
  10. Further studies to enhance my portfolio and of course better pay to fulfil Pt 8
  11. 10 resolutions are hard enough to keep so that's enough