Thursday, January 1, 2009

The last days of 2008

How did we spend the last month of 2008?


With the treat from Celeste & Kevin, the boys and the hungry parents feasted at Kuishinbo. We mistakenly thought that bringing a toddler to a buffet line was always a good deal. We were SO WRONG.

Jayden couldn't stop fidgetting in his seat, so he decided to frighten his quiet neighbour - Ziv. In the end, both sides of the parents had to carry their restless child on one hand, and hungrily gorged the food on another hand. We left the restaurant with a half satisfied stomach and a very messy floor for the staff to clear.

Our very exhorbitant ticket

Just before our flight...

This is our 3rd year and counting celebrating. We started off as couples, then married and now with kids. It's truely amazing how affinity can bring people together irregardless of the time spent.

I wonder how would it turned out in a year later?


To avoid the mad crowd in town, we decided to have our very own celebration in the comforts of our home.


PRIMA said...

Jayden's xmas lunch looks good!!! Teach me how to do it! :)

On the sidenote, Chloe looks very chubby in that bubbly pic :P

chersam said...

Wow, wat a Barney spread for Jayden's Xmas lunch!

Emily said...

thanks dewi! It was just trial and error. He only touched half the fish but finished the chips. :P

yea...I have unknowingly intoxicated him with Barney.