Tuesday, January 5, 2010

His funny words

Mummy: "Jayden, whenever you sneeze, you need to say Excuse Me"

**ahhh choo**

Mummy: "So what must you say?"

Jayden: "Excuse me. Order juice & french fries please?"

Mummy: "?!?!?"


Mummy: "Jayden, what is Mummy's name?"

Jayden: "Em-mer-tee!" (MRT) -_-

Mummy: "NOOO! It's Emily. Now what is daddy's name?"

Jayden: "Dee-NAR!" (Dinner)

Mummy: *fainted*


Jayden sings a song he learnt from school.

Jayden: "Good morning, nice to see your money face"

Mummy: "Jayden, are you sure it's money face?"

Finally heard the song one day and it's actually SMILEY face.


Jayden plays with the balcony sliding door.

Jayden: "Mummy, come sit here"

Mummy: "Why Jayden?" Proceeded to sit down.

Jayden: "Ding dong. Trains door closing. Tu tu tu tu...."

Mummy: "?!?!? Where are we going?"

Jayden: "Next stop. Ang Mo Kio."


It just gets funnier talking to the kid these days. :)